Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

For thousands of years, the Dutch haven’t been afraid to question the status quo. An inclusive, collaborative mindset makes innovation and entrepreneurship a natural part of the Dutch DNA. A pro-business climate, international workforce and superior infrastructure make the Netherlands oneof the best places to do business.

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Top 10 World talent ranking
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Collaborate with talent

Scale your business with easy access to highly-educated, multilingual workforce. Enter the ecosystem with the highest density of professional developers in Europe and cities that rank amongthe most diverse in the world.

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#4 Best country for business (Forbes, 2019)
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Connect to Europe

A strategic location provides the perfect access to the European market— connect to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Excellent digital and physical infrastructure provides the neccesary conditions for accelerated growth.

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#4 Most innovative economy (GII, 2019)
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Grow with intent

We believe in creating positive impact on an economic, social and environmental level. In the Netherlands you work alongside companies dedicated to the SDGs while enjoying an exceptional quality of life in a country that consistently ranks first in work-life balance.