About the Netherlands point of entry

The Netherlands Point of Entry (NPE) is the first stop for international entrepreneurs looking to set up or scale up in the Netherlands. We connect you to authorized facilitators and offer personalized guidance throughout the transition process. As an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the NPE rolls out the orange carpet to ensure that you can hit the ground running upon arrival.


Meet the national team

At our national team in the Hague, we work with a team of dedicated startup and talent advisors. Working from both a policy and business perspective, we strive to provide real-time and personal advice and expertise.

Rutger de Graaf

Director Netherlands Point of Entry

Martin van ‘t Veld

Advisor International Startups & Talent

Romy Loos

Advisor International Startups & Talent

Judith van Voorst Vader

Advisor International Startups & Talent